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Beyond Positive Thinking

Putting Your Thoughts Into Action


Arnold Fox, M.D. and Barry Fox, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0109-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2210-0

Publish date: 1/9/19



Just having positive thoughts or dreams is not enough. You must put those dreams and wishes into action. That’s the only way you’ll have a chance of having them come true. Drs. Arnold and Barry Fox focus on living a positive lifestyle and seeing the abundant side of life. They offer action-oriented strategies that will assist you in seeing that which is possible and how to attain it. This insightful, inspiring book can stand alone or be read as a sequel to their co-authored book, Wake Up! You’re Alive. Both books focus on using action oriented strategies to help you see the positive side of life. When you think positive thoughts, and couple them with action, anything is possible.

Wake Up! You’re Alive

Healthy Living Through Positive Thinking 


Arnold Fox, M.D. and Barry Fox, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0108-2

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2209-4

Publish date: 1/9/19



This fascinating book has a clear and defined message, that one can live a healthier, happier life by conditioning the thoughts that pass through the mind. Written in a lively, narrative style, the reader is carried along, page after page. 
Dr. Arnold Fox, and his son Barry, an internationally published, best-selling author, shares the insights and personal stories that were gleaned from over 40 years of experience as a Beverly Hills physician. The book is written with a great deal of humor and clarity. It is a look at the power of the human mind and spirit, as seen through the eyes of a physician. The case histories and stories within, illustrate the relationship between your thoughts, beliefs, health and disease.

Success in Hill Country 


Amy Clark

ISBN 978-1-7225-0105-1

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2206-3

Publish date: 1/9/19



Success in Hill Country is a collection of oral histories told by entrepreneurs, artists, educators, doctors, and athletes from Appalachia who have achieved the American dream. Utilizing the power of the mind to overcome obstacles, and positively influenced by their mountain culture, these individuals tell their inside stories of success.

Go! Navigate Your Way To Success

51 Short Tales that Entertain and Teach


George Harrison Phelps and Napoleon Hill

ISBN 978-1-7225-0117-4

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2218-6

Publish date: 2/9/18




Anticipate the obstacles in the road ahead and prepare yourself for the adventure yet to come. 51 thought provoking, entertaining stories drawn from Napoleon Hill’s original works including: Think and Grow Rich; The Law of Success; and Napoleon Hill’s Magazine.

The Seventh Step 


Bill Sands

ISBN 978-1-7225-0107-5

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2208-7

Publish date: 1/9/19



This book, which describes the author’s one man crusade for a new penal rehabilitation program, known as The Seventh Step, takes you right into the drama of prison life. In 1963, Bill Sands, an ex convict, and the Reverend James Post formulated a self- help group in the Kansas State Prison. This first pre-release program adopted a slogan and guidelines that are the basis of The Seventh Step programs today. This was a danger-charged mission of an ex-inmate at San Quentin who crashed the Main Yard to prepare convicts for life in the “squarejohn” world—to help them go outside—and stay out. Their stories are fascinating and inspiring. Tremendously successful, the program reduced the number of men returning to prison for crimes committed after their release from 80% to 20% and spawned Seventh Step chapters across the United States.

Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind 


Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0116-7

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2217-9

Publish date: 2/15/19



This collection of over 700 proverbs written by Napoleon Hill is both sound and practical because these mind conditioners have worked successfully for those who have used them. This collection was prepared especially for students of Dr. Hill’s Science of Success Philosophy with the explicit hope that each person who reads it may be enriched in body, mind, and spirit.

Napoleon Hill’s Thought For The Day


Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0115-0

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2216-2

Publish date: 2/15/19



Napoleon Hill’s “Thought for the Day” has inspired countless readers to begin each day with a positive message. As these thoughts build on each other, they will guide you toward success. You’ll find that acquiring and maintaining a positive mental attitude becomes a habit. Apply Dr. Hill’s Thought for the Day and see how this little change in your daily routine makes a huge difference in your life.

The Cycle of Thought 

A Book to Inspire Your Positive Self


Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0113-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2214-8

Publish date: 2/15/19



Napoleon Hill’s Cycle of Thought – a book to inspire your positive self. This upside down book replicates the cycle of thought. Positive thinking does not just “happen,” but often occurs in tandem with the outgrowth of negative thought. If not for loss, a person might not be able to appreciate a gain in finances, relationships, and employment among many other circumstances in life. In order to focus on the good the bad needs to be acknowledged. This cyclic balance demonstrates the ebb and flow of the Universe constantly in motion both for and against itself.

The Path to Riches in Think and Grow Rich


Judith Williamson and Contributing Authors

ISBN 978-1-7225-0110-5

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2211-7

Publish date: 2/15/19



Napoleon Hill often reminds us that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. This book offers you, the student, an extravaganza of teachers, guides for your journey, perhaps soul mates, who are certain that they have uncovered and applied the secret in Think and Grow Rich in their lives. Not only that, but they have greatly improved their lives due to their reading and application of this profound book. In concluding his book, Napoleon Hill quotes Emerson as he states: “If we are related, we have, through these pages, met.” Likewise, if you are a sincere seeker of the secret that Napoleon Hill promises to deliver in his book, you will find the people in Path to Riches as family who will guide you in the direction of your search. 

Poems That Inspire You to Think and Grow Rich


Napoleon Hill Compiled With Commentary By Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0119-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2220-9

Publish date: 2/15/19



Poetry is an art form that oftentimes can be difficult for modern day readers to interpret. However, the 101 poems contained in this book have been individually selected to speak directly to the heart in simple language that is easily understood by all. Although Napoleon Hill was not a poet, he read many of the poems contained in this volume and even referred to them in his books. Poets like Edgar Guest, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Jessie Rittenhouse, Walter Wintle and William Shakespeare were among Hill’s favorites. He was inspired to write some of his most famous essays after reading their poetry.
In addition to the poems themselves, this anthology offers commentary by Napoleon Hill in order to help you understand the significance of the eleven sections into which this book is divided.

The Other Side Of The Mind


W. Clement Stone and Norma Lee Browning

ISBN 978-1-7225-0106-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2207-0

Publish date: 2/15/19



The human mind today is undergoing the most exciting and intensive probing in the history of mankind. In this unusual and provocative book, W. Clement Stone, a hard-headed businessman, and Norma Lee Browning, a top reporter, combine forces to explore The Other Side of the Mind – the fascinating, often controversial world of mind phenomena. “Enough is known today about the capabilities of the brain to provide science with its greatest challenge,” writes Norma Lee Browning. “It is now evident that we are only scratching the surface of human potentialities. When the curtain of mystery is lifted from the last unexplored corner of the mind, there will be no limits to what the future may hold for shaping the destiny of mankind.” 

Magic Seeds For Success

Reflections for Personal Growth


Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson 

ISBN 978-1-7225-0114-3

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2215-5

Publish date: 2/15/19


It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Most often the answers we seek are inside each of us, but it often takes someone else to show us the direction in which to proceed. This book helps the reader create their own personalized roadmap to success. It only takes a few weeks to cultivate a good habit, and it has been said that “we first make our habits and then our habits make us.” Just as millions of other Napoleon Hill readers have done for nearly one hundred years, the message you are to receive, if you are ready to receive it, is that there is a roadmap to success. 
You too can attain the success in life most people only dream of attaining. But, first you must study and then follow in the footsteps of those who have achieved their goals. This book starts you on the process of planting an idea, nurturing the idea, and then harvesting your own victory garden.

Napoleon Hill’s Timeless Thoughts For Today


Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0111-2

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2212-4

Publish date: 2/15/19



Napoleon Hill’s Timeless Thoughts for Today pairs Hill’s philosophy with actions that will move you toward success. Learn his philosophy regarding:Achievement, Adversity, Cooperation, Encouragement, Faith, Opportunity, Service, Success, Wisdom and Work.

After studying his thoughts on these subjects, you should:
• First, chart your course, 
• Next plan your method of travel
• Third, step into the journey and begin! 
As you progress, you can then evaluate what actions work best for you. Look at this book as your treasure map. When you follow it to your destination, you will be rewarded with finding the treasure you seek.

My Shadow Ran By Fast 


Bill Sands

ISBN 978-1-7225-0118-1

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2219-3

Publish date: 2/15/19



By his nineteenth birthday, Bill Sands was doing three consecutive life terms in San Quentin. He admitted that he was on his way to committing murder if he hadn’t been stopped. Thirty years later he was a successful businessman, a famous speaker and the author of a bestselling book. Along the way he had been a pilot, a boxer, a comedian and a diamond miner. Bill Sands died in 1969, but he left behind as his legacy this exciting story of his life so that others may benefit from his incredible experiences. Sand’s bestselling life story demonstrates the power of applying Napoleon Hill’s formula for success. So that you can see exactly how this happened, this newedition contains a special introduction explaining exactly which of Hill’s principles Sands used – or abused. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

Empowered Millionaire


J. Martin Kohe and Judith Williamson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0112-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2213-1

Publish date: 2/15/19


Empowered Millionaire is the first time ever combined edition of two corresponding works–Your Greatest Power and How to Become a Mental Millionaire by J. Martin Kohe and Judith Williamson. By placing these motivational works in the same volume readers can enjoy the big message that Kohe delivers in less than thirty minutes, and then immediately begin to apply the dynamic lesson in daily life by practicing the examples set in How to Become a Mental Millionaire. This double edition offers a real one–two punch for getting to the heart of the matter. The main thought to bear in mind as you work through this material is that first you gain the knowledge, and secondly you are taught how to apply it.

Mastering Self-Confidence With NLP 


Kerry Johnson, MBA, PhD

ISBN 978-1-7225-0183-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2280-3

Most of us suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Many of us avoid situations in which we lack confidence. But think of the things you could accomplish if you have more self-esteem and self-confidence. This book will show you:
How to reframe your self-esteem so you can feel truly confident
How performance anxiety can debilitate you and how to stop it
How to tap in to past successful memories to increase your present self-confidence
How to access self-confidence in any situation you want
How your own self-talk can either make you consistently self-confident or focus you on failure
One of America’s foremost business psychologists, will give you concepts and applicable techniques using the newest NLP skills to increase your self-confidence. 

How To Create Your Own High Paying Job: 37 Tips For Reaching Your Career Goals


Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0216-4

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2081-6

Are you unemployed? Or, are you overworked, underpaid, and stuck in a lifeless job, reporting to someone who doesn’t seem to be doing much better than you are? You’re not alone. Corporations once needed large inflows of middle managers and the formally educated. Many of these posts have disappeared or have been displaced by outsourcing, offshoring, international competition, and by technology. There is a widespread and growing under-employment problem facing almost every society. Many are working at jobs that do not require the experience and schooling they possess. In the United States up to 44% are under-employed; in Canada this number is 40%.Though there has been some job growth over the past few years, these jobs are mostly lower-paid without a solid ladder to success. In this original and groundbreaking book, you’ll learn how to develop your own highly compensated career opportunities.

Selling Is So Easy t’s Hard: 77 Ways Salespeople Shoot Themselves In The Wallet


Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0194-5

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2293-3

Most sales training programs offer the same old pointers: Always be closing, keep it simple, stupid, and ask for referrals. You know these clichés. Selling Is So Easy, It’s Hard is the first program to focus on the 77 correctable selling mistakes that novices and veterans make. Without conscious awareness, these errors, snafus, miscues, and blunders keep the typical seller from earning at least 25% more business. This translates into millions of dollars in lost income over the course of a career, according to best- selling author and speaker Dr. Gary S. Goodman.

Willpower: The Secrets Of Self-Discipline


Dr. Kerry L. Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-01754

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2272-8

Former pro tennis player, Kerry Johnson, shows us how to will power. With all the good intentions in the world to accomplish our goals we cannot move forward without willpower, without self-discipline. Among the lessons you will learn are how to change disbelief in your abilities into beliefs that support your dreams; how you limit yourself and how to do to break free from the very things that hold you back. In addition to having been a pro athlete, Kerry Johnson received an MBA and a Ph.D.; he lives and breathes self-discipline. Through his experience, and his knowledge as a research psychologist, he will teach you how you can achieve self-discipline. As a father, he shows you how to teach it to your children as well.

Seven Steps to Your Best Life

The Stage Climbing Solution for Living 

the Life Your Were Born to Live


Michael S. Broder, PH.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-1013-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2121-9



Within you is a zone of genius that contains everything you need to live the life you were born to live!

Would you like to be living your best life and operate at your highest potential in one or more pivotal areas of your life? Do you consider yourself a High Achiever, or would you like to become one?

Seven Steps to Your Best Life gives you the roadmap, tools and strategies to be operating at your absolute best. It is your step by step, paint by the numbers guide for getting the results you want in the shortest time possible.

“Broder eloquently shares his powerful Stage Climbing strategies to reach the highest potential in every area of your life. An easy and simple guide to fulfillment.” —DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR

“This book will inspire you to your highest stage!! Happy Reading!” –MARK VICTOR HANSEN, CO-CREATOR OF THE CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL SERIES

The Miracle of a Definite Chief Aim

Mitch Horowitz

ISBN 978-1-7225-1005-3

Publish date: 9/15/18


What do you want most out of life? If you can answer that question with complete integrity and clarity, you are at the starting point of greatness. In his classic guides Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success, motivational pioneer Napoleon Hill taught that finding your Definite Chief Aim is the most decisive and important step you can take in life. In this compelling and eminently practical “master class,” acclaimed historian and New Thought author Mitch Horowitz takes you for a deep dive inside Napoleon Hill’s most urgent principle. Through concrete techniques and examples, Mitch shows you how to identify your true aim, refine and act on it, and overcome setbacks. MITCH HOROWITZ is a PEN Award-winning historian and the author of Occult America and One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life. Mitch has written on everything from the war on witches to the secret life of Ronald Reagan for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Salon, and

The Power of Charisma

Harnessing The C-Factor to Inspire Change

Dan Strutzel and Traci Shoblom

ISBN 978-1-7225-1008-4

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2008-3

Publish date: 9/15/18


Most everyone has something they are passionate about. But without the 

ability to actually effect change… things just stay the same. To truly inspire 

change, we need to be able to explain the problem, inspire others to join us, 

create a vision for the new reality, and then motivate people to take the 

actions that lead to the change. This requires charisma―the ability to 

communicate a clear, visionary, and inspirational message that captivates and 

motivates an audience. Imagine having that kind of aura… where all you had 

to do was walk into a room and heads would turn and people would want to 

hear what you have to say. 

In this idea-packed book, you’ll learn that charisma is a social skill, like 

listening, that can be learned. Charisma can benefit every area of your life. 

Whether you’re the head of a country, the leader of your Scout troop, or a 

freelance artist all alone in your studio, charisma can help you get what you 


Inch by Inch it’s A Cinch 

How to Accomplish Anything-

One Small Step At a Time

Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0010-8

EPUB ISBN978-1-7225-2190-5

Publish date: 9/18


In Inch By Inch It’s A Cinch, Gary S. Goodman breaks down the process of 

achieving anything, into manageable strides, whether it is cultivating a new

relationship, building a business, or earning a Ph.D. from a prestigious 

university. Filled with real-life success stories, his own and others, you’ll be 

able to relate to his down-to-earth explanations, fun sense of humor, and 

instantly usable tips.

Now, with his crystal-clear advice you’ll be able to break through to 

unprecedented success in every area of your life. Procrastinating? Stuck at a 

level of success that just isn’t good enough? Seeking that elusive raise in pay? 

Looking for love?

Gary shows you how to make genuine progress in the most critical areas and 

achieve the results you want, one easy step at a time.

Vocabulary Power for Business

The 500 Words you Need to Transform Your Career and Your Life

Dan Strutzel 

ISBN 978-1-7225-0011-5

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2115-8

Publish date: 8/18


The author of the best-selling 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, Dan Strutzel, now focuses on communicating successfully in the business world! He presents 500 words and short expressions from different categories. Each section introduces approximately 25 words. Dan discusses each word or phrase and its definition, then, reinforces the word and its meaning with another example in a sentence. There are sections on banking and finance, marketing, and negotiation. Other sections focus on sales, entrepreneurship, human resources, e-business, and leadership. As the world changes, language changes with it. This entertaining, informative and inspiring book will help you keep pace with those changes and your career will benefit  as a result!

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

37 Mental Mistakes, False Beliefs and Superstitions 

That Can Ruin Your Life and Career


Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0013-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2083-0


The US space program faced a problem. Astronauts didn’t have a pen that could write inside a zero-gravity capsule. NASA invested upward of $1 million to devise a pen that could. Their rivals faced the same problem, but they solved it for less than a dollar. They decided to use a pencil.

This story is emblematic of two styles of critical thinking and problem solving. America defined its quandary as a pen problem. “Fix the pen” became the marching order. Others defined the issue as a writing challenge, so alternatives were more likely to be considered and adopted.

Most people lose friends, happiness, and career opportunities because they employ inadequate thinking skills and allow biases, false beliefs, and superstitions to govern their behavior. Even highly skilled professionals, such as physicians and attorneys, are not immune from bad thinking and runaway emotions. They can cost their clients fortunes and even their lives through poor advice and misdiagnoses.

Make More Money


Brian Tracy

ISBN 978-1-7225-0019-1

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2100-4


From the best-selling expert on personal and professional success, Make More Money reveals Brian Tracy’s deep understanding of the self-made millionaires of our world and how to become one. In this book, he shares his knowhow so you too can learn how to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Make More Money uses examples and provides hints and habits for readers who want to succeed.


  • Who becomes wealthy? 
  • Habits of millionaires and billionaires 
  • How to develop new habits 
  • How rich people think 
  • The seven basics of business success 
  • The seven habits of high profit businesses 
  • The seven habits for personal success

Stiff Them!

Your Guide to Paying Zero Dollars to the IRS, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Medical Bills, and More 


Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0036-8 

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2169-1


Stiff Them!  is a practical guide to paying ZERO dollars on your student loans, credit cards, medical debts and other financial obligations. Read it before you make another minimum payment or communicate with any debt collectors.

It is your cure for “wrongful spending” and for “wrongful lending!”                                                                                                             

Are you, or someone you love, burdened by debts that seem impossible to pay off? Do you struggle to make minimum payments on credit cards? Did you borrow a small fortune to pay for college? Is your FICO score underwater, making credit too expensive or impossible to get? Is the IRS hounding you for back taxes that are now bloated with interest and penalties? Are you paying off mountains of medical debt because your insurance was inadequate or nonexistent? Does it seem you’ll never get a mortgage? Are you tired of forking over all of your income for purchases that have lost their sheen and for services that were overpriced to begin with? Are bill collectors badgering you, day after day?  Then this book is for you.

 The Science of Motivation

Strategies and Techniques for Turning Dreams into Destiny

Brian Tracy with Dan Strutzel

ISBN 978-1-7225-1004-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2005-2

Publish date: 9/15/18


Most of us say we want to be successful, happy and influential. Yet, very few of us follow up what we say with specific actions that move us directly toward those goals. The idea of being successful is an attractive one, filled with positive emotions. But the actions required to be successful at work and in our relationships are often difficult and lengthy.

To bridge this gap between what we say we want, and what we must do to achieve it, we need goal-oriented motivation. It is the fuel that takes us to our desired destination in life. Learn how to develop this kind of motivation on-demand, sustain it through the difficult periods of life, and instill this motivation so intricately into your daily life that you make the very idea of motivation unnecessary. All of that and more is available to you in this cutting-edge, all new book from personal development expert and motivation master, Brian Tracy.

The Science of Money

How to Increase Your Income and Become Wealthy

Brian Tracy with Dan Strutzel

ISBN 978-1-7225-1003-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2004-5

Publish date: 9/15/18


The subject of “money” remains one of the most fascinating, thought provoking, emotional, polarizing and well researched subjects in the world. Scores of books, articles, blog posts, and speeches have been written on what money is, how to earn it, how to spend it, who has it and who does not and a myriad of other topics related to the effects that it produces. And yet, despite the   constant focus and interest on the topic, there is one word that describes the average person’s views around money: confusion. Now let world renowned bestselling author and business consultant, Brian Tracy, teach you the “science of money” . . . tested and proven not just for years, but for millennia. If you simply study the ideas in this book, and apply them to your life and your business, you too, can become  financially successful.

Reprogram Your Subconscious

How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want


Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0030-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2098-4


Open the door to your subconscious mind, your Silent, Invisible Partner that is responsible for how you think, feel and behave. You’ll discover how to reprogram your subconscious mindsets, beliefs and behaviors so you can get what you really want in every facet of your life. Learn about Gale’s specialty Reprogramming Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis to keep your subconscious supporting your desires. Enjoy unique perspectives, dozens of instructive case studies, a wealth of information, easy to use applications, abundant original scripts plus a 50 page Journal with Affirmations. Beginners, as well as the experienced and/or professionally trained in hypnosis, will realize life-altering benefits from this book.

Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., is a Hypnotherapist since 1999, Best Selling Author, certified Hypnosis Instructor, Creator and leading authority of the Reprogramming Hypnosis System and RHS certification. Gale has helped many thousands to improve their lives with her Reprogramming Hypnosis specialty.